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Monday, July 11, 2011

Colorful Floral Summer dress | Casual Colourful Dresses | The Mango House


Wholesale Thailand Summer Dresses

Here we offer a bright and flowery cotton summer mini dress. The design is jam-packed with flowers of all colours, giving a bright, young and happy appearance to whoever wears it. The main flower colours are yellow, pink, dark-lilac/blue and of course, white. The cotton is high-quality and the the dress is part of a wide range available either for retail or wholesale purchases. This dress can easily be worn at summer parties or even in nightclubs.
Size L :
Armpit to armpit 49 cm un-stretched.
Armpit to armpit 53 cm fully stretched.
Waist 45 cm un-stretched end to end.
Waist 50 cm fully stretched.
Hem width end to end 83 cm.
Length 74 cm top to bottom.
Straps length 37 cm.

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