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Sunday, May 16, 2010

How To Make Cheap And Fashionable Sun Dresses

Sun dresses can, many times, be a girl's best friend in the summer months. Such a versatile and easy to clean dress is a lifesaving outfit. Available in many colors and designs, sun dresses are usually fairly cheap but they are also pretty easy to make when there are other, more important things to divert money towards.

With the right sewing knowledge and skills a girl can make literally anything. Luckily for those who's desire is to make a sun dress, only the bare minimum of skills are required. It can even be done by hand.

First, decide what color of dress you want to make and take a trip down to any local fabric store. Shirred cotton works best and is also the easiest fabric to work with. While patterns and designs are cute, sticking to a solid color will be helpful later when trying to accessorize to the outfit.

Shirred fabric usually makes the material half its size so keep that in mind when doing your purchasing. Get enough of the fabric to go around your hip. The best way to do this is to have your hip measurement ready for the employees at the store.

Decide how long you want the dress to be. Pick a length that will be comfortable for you. You can measure it out compared to a previously sewn dress you've done or just wait and cut the material after you have finished it. A full length mirror is very handy for this.

Sew the back of the dress together while occasionally trying it on to make sure it fits. When you have reached the desired snugness, finish closing the back. Be sure that if you are sewing by hand, to use tight stitches to avoid any embarrassment later. To prevent raveling, sew a hem along the bottom.

Flat ribbon can be sewn into the top of the dress to act as straps. Mark the dress, while wearing it, with pins or tape to mark where the straps will go and then sew them in from the inside. The last step of the process is to try the dress on and enjoy it. Remember that the length can still be shortened if you aren't happy with it. And any extra ribbon can be used to decorate the front. Now all that's left is too decide what shoes and purse to wear with it.

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